I have been reading tarot cards for 14 years. I was given my first deck of cards by my mother, Rosemary, when I was 16 years old. She took me to a psychic fair and told me to pick whatever I was most drawn to. I chose the tarot that day and every day since.

That's me with the tattoos. Photo by  Coreena Lewis

That's me with the tattoos. Photo by Coreena Lewis

The tarot has been an incredible force in my life. I have connected with so many beautiful souls through the tarot. I have found books, blogs, authors, designers, artists and decks that I love. I have seen seekers open up to possibilities they would have never discovered without the tarot as a mirror. I have navigated through the most difficult times of my life using the tarot as a shining star. 

I want to share my connection to tarot with you. I want you to feel empowered the way I have.

I interpret the stories told in the cards. I am not a mind reader nor do I claim to be psychic though I am a highly sensitive person with many empathic qualities. I cannot find lost items or predict the future though I can help to illuminate possible paths into the future. 

I can't read for anyone but you during your reading. The trust that you place in me with your questions is an exchange of energy and that is how I read for you. I can also read for your friends and loved ones but only at their request. If I do not have their trust, I simply cannot read for them.

I cannot speak to those who have passed on from this life and I am not a medium. Part of my magical lineage is that I am not gifted with this ability. My gift is here and now with the living.

I had the pleasure of going to Apotropaia Tarot for a reading yesterday, and I cannot speak highly enough of my experience. Janet is caring and powerful, she has created a beautiful and buzzing safe haven in her Reading Room, and between that, her skillful reading, the kitties, and the tea, I am so grateful for stopping and giving myself this moment. Thank you, I really needed this.
— Souz

I don't encourage people to seek tarot readings more than once a month. If you consult the cards too frequently, the messages become muddy with the stirring up. It is better to let it settle in between readings and really let the messages set in. This is a path to clarity.

Your privacy is of the utmost concern to me. None of the information collected for your reading will be used for any purpose other than your reading without your consent. I will never share or sell your information. I will never disclose your personal details, the details of your reading, or our correspondence.

I do not discriminate against individuals based on age, gender identity, ability, sexuality, religion or race. 

I do however reserve the right to refuse service to you especially if I feel my personal safety is at risk.

I do not read for individuals under the age of 18.  

Tarot readings are for entertainment purposes only. 

I am not a lawyer, doctor or a certified counsellor. Essentially, I am offering solicited advice. Sometimes my advice will be to refer you to a professional such as a certified counsellor or therapist, a medical doctor, or a lawyer. 

I offer no refunds for any service. The exception to this rule is if I refuse service to you for any reason or choose to refer you to another reader or professional.

For in-person readings: I offer no refunds for my services. If you need to cancel your appointment and do so 24 hours in advance, it will be credited toward a future appointment. If you do not provide a 24 hour notice, your fee for the appointment will be forfeited. No credit will be issued for same-day cancellations or no-shows.